Irv Gotti slams VH1 The Breaks


Irv Gotti Slams VH1’s ‘The Breaks’ For Making Queens Look “Soft”

While the rest of us were enjoying VH1’s original movie, “The Breaks,” Irv Gotti was fuming over their portrayal of Hip Hop and depiction of Queens.


The Breaks movie


The Murder Inc. founder took to his Instagram page to sound off on why he thinks “The Breaks” is “watered down bullsh*t.”

(He also provided a map of Queens. I appreciate the extra effort to provide a visual.)

According to Irv Gotti the movie made QB look “soft” and he slammed VH1 for their poor portrayal of Hip Hop culture.

He griped, “QB has produced more superstar Rappers in hip hop than any other borough or place in the world for that matter. Sh*t looks like someone who doesn’t know sh*t about our culture made this sh*t.”

Peep Irv’s full rant and his map on page 2.