Here’s a little something that will restore your faith in humanity!

Two young kings at Martin Luther King College Prep in Memphis, Tennessee, stepped in to help a fellow student who was being bullied because of his clothes.

Kristopher Graham witnessed freshman Micheal Todd being bullied because he often wears the same thing to school.

Kristopher texted his football teammate Antwain Garrett and they joined forces to pack a box of new clothes, new shoes, and other items to donate to Michael.

He wasn’t smiling or anything, and I was like, ‘I think this is going to make you smile.’

We’re in the same third period, and I apologize for laughing at you, and I want to give you something to make it up.

The beautiful moment Kristopher Graham and Antwain Garrett blessed Micheal Todd was captured on video by another student.

Antwain shared the now viral video on FB with the caption, “We Did It Out Of Love??NOT For Clout?”

Watch below.

Micheal Todd later shared he had never received a gift like that in his life and that his mother had trouble buying him new clothes because “he was growing too fast.”

He told Kristopher and Antwain, “You guys are the best guys of my entire life.”

Anyone else overwhelmed with the feels?! ??

God bless these young men who are already setting a wonderful example for others.

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