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The dead fetus found in the toilet of an American Airlines plane belonged to an 18-year-old girl, who may have suffered a botched abortion.

The East Flatbush teen told police and doctors she had no idea she was pregnant while vacationing in Jamaica.

She claims she became ill and began to experience pain so she sought treatment at a clinic on the island before boarding a plane home.

That’s where everything went wrong.

Via NY Post:

While she was aboard a 90-minute American Airlines flight from North Carolina to Queens on Monday night, her pain flared up again, she told investigators.

After her fellow fliers deplaned at LaGuardia, the woman rushed to use the plane’s bathroom, with her twin sister telling crew that it was an “emergency,” sources said.

A flight attendant later told police that the teen looked ill when she emerged from the bathroom, according to sources.

A cleaning crew was scrubbing the Airbus A321’s bathroom early Tuesday when they made the horrifying find: a fetus, apparently three to six months along, lying in the toilet, an American Airlines spokesman said.

The teen, meanwhile, checked into Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, where doctors determined she may have suffered a botched abortion.

The teen recently graduated from high school and her neighbor described her as a “good girl” who lives under the watchful eye of her strict mother.

The deceased fetus is believed to have been 3 to 6-months-old.

No charges have been filed against the teen, as the medical examiner’s office continues to probe exactly how and when the fetus died.

With all due respect, this sounds like a young lady who was scared to death to tell her mother she was pregnant.

She most likely tried to get an abortion in Jamaica before coming home and everything went wrong.

If this wasn’t the case, she would not have left that baby in a toilet and walked off of that plane as if nothing was wrong.

Such a sad situation.

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