Amy Joyner-Francis

Teen Charged In Death Of Amy Joyner-Francis To Be Tried As A Juvenile

The 16-year-old girl who brutally beat Amy Joyner-Francis in a high school bathroom will not be tried as an adult for the fatal fight.

On Friday, a judge rejected the prosecutor’s request to try Trinity Carr as an adult and ordered the teen to be tried in Family Court on charges of criminally negligent homicide and conspiracy.

Via Delaware Online:

In a ruling Friday, Family Court Judge Robert B. Coonin found that assertions prosecutors and police made in court, such as that Joyner-Francis’ fingernails were ripped off and that the defendant lacked remorse, were not backed by evidence presented to him.

This, along with testimony about Carr’s stable family life, led him to find that 16-year-old Trinity Carr should be tried in Family Court, rather than Superior Court. The move is significant for Carr because she now likely faces only community supervision and treatment until age 19 if she is found to be delinquent of criminally negligent homicide and third-degree conspiracy.

Had the judge ruled differently, an adult conviction could have resulted in up to eight years in prison.

“While this is [Carr’s] first contact with the justice system, it is a tragic one with a horrific outcome, an outcome that will have a longstanding impact on a family, a school and a community for many years,” Coonin wrote. “Whether [Carr] is tried in the Family Court or in the Superior Court, that outcome will not change; the senseless loss of a young girl’s life cannot be undone nor will the pain inflicted upon her family ever be extinguished.

If she’s found guilty, Trinity Carr will face community supervision and treatment until age 19.

Carr will appear in Family Court again on September 27 along with her co-defendants, Zion Snow and Chakeira Wright, who are charged with third-degree criminal conspiracy.

As you can imagine Amy’s family and Delawareans, who have followed the case are outraged.

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