Teacher Chelsea Haley Adopts Troubled Student His Little Brother

A student, who drove his teacher to the point of wanting to quit her job, is now her adopted son.

Chelsea Haley was fresh out of college when she joined the Teach for America program and ended up at a low-income school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

That’s were she met Jerome, a troubled student, who acted out so badly that he pushed her to the brink of quitting. But, she didn’t give up on him.

After getting to know the troubled student, Chelsea learned he came from a broken home, where his mother was grief-stricken after losing her husband and daughter.

When her two-year tenure was up with Teach for America, Chelsea was preparing to head back to Georgia, when Jerome’s mother asked her to take him and his little brother, Jace, with her.

The request came shortly after God came to Chelsea in a dream and told her she would be Jerome’s mother.

3 years later, at the age of 24, Chelsea adopted Jerome and his 18-month-old baby brother, Jace.

After returning to Georgia, she dipped into her retirement fund to purchase a home for herself and her boys.

Chelsea is now a middle school teacher in suburban Atlanta and Jerome is an honor roll student.

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