Mimi Faust - Eva Giselle

Joseline Called Child Services On Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust reportedly revealed Joseline launched an investigation with Child Protective Services against her claiming Eva Giselle was not in a safe environment.

That would definitely explain why Mimi filed a restraining order against Joseline on behalf of her daughter a few weeks ago.

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C’mon! You don’t play with people and their children like that!

Kirk Frost

Is Kirk Frost The Pappy?

Remember Logan? He’s the young man who approached Rasheeda to inform her he may be the father of Jasmine Washington‘s baby.

The scoop on the street is Logan submitted DNA for a paternity test and the results were read at the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Reunion.

Unfortunately for Kirk Frost, Logan has been excluded as the baby’s father.

Jasmine has gone as far as trying to secure a warrant to get Kirk to take a paternity test.

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As for now…the verdict is still out on whether or not “thoat” is the pappy.

Running from the truth won’t make it go away…

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