Taxstone Arrested In Connection To Fatal Shooting At T.I. Concert

Taxstone, host of the popular Tax Season podcast, was arrested on Monday in connection to the fatal shooting at T.I.‘s Irving Plaza concert last May after his DNA was found on the murder weapon. He is facing federal weapon possession charges.

According to sources, Tax, whose real name is Daryl Campbell, was taken into custody at his aunt’s house in East New York, Brooklyn, and remained silent as he was escorted by detectives from the 13th Precinct stationhouse in Gramercy Park.

Via NY Daily News:

Troy Ave, whose real name Roland Collins, has been free on $500,000 bail following the shooting. He is accused of attempted murder in the shooting. He was shot in the leg and claims he wrestled the gun away from the man who killed McPhatter and fired back in self-defense.

Campbell, who hosts a podcast called “Tax Season,” taunted Collins prior to the shooting, saying in one recording that was posted on YouTube and cited in the complaint: “Tell ’em try me. I want to embarrass somebody. And that’s why I started Bullying Troy Ave, you know what I mean?”

He will be arraigned in federal court on Tuesday (Jan 17).

Be safe tho.