Tara Reid is calling bullsh…ahem…photoshop on the headline grabbing bikini pics of her where she looks severely thin.

The actress and model took to her Twitter account and accused the tabloids of bullying her. Tara said she’s just a skinny girl and she does eat. (But, does she keep it down?)

Oh, and just for the record…Tara says this is old news.

Can we have an honest moment here?

Something is clearly going on with this young lady whether or not she wants to admit it.

There is naturally thin, skinny, lean…and then there’s standing in the need of prayer frail.

Looking at photos Tara posted a couple of days ago via Instagram, the photos in circulation aren’t far from this:

A photo posted by Tara Reid (@tarareid) on

You can see Tara’s breastplate for Pete’s sake!

Brrrrr…what happened to this girl?

Toss up a prayer for Tara Reid cause something just ain’t right. (Keith Sweat voice)

Photos: Instagram | Getty