Tank & Ginuwine Go In On Tyrese

The chances of TGT reuniting and releasing a second album are as thin as a Listerine strip!

Tank and Ginuwine took to social media on Monday to blast Tyrese for the remarks he made about the group during his interview with “The Breakfast Club.”

When asked if there would be another TGT album, Tyrese responded by saying, “Ginuwine still wants an equal split”…as if he doesn’t deserve it or hasn’t earned it.

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Tank posted the video of Tyrese’s remarks with the caption:

What’s crazy to me is that @ginuwine is the most accomplished artist in TGT but being talked bad about in this interview as if he hasn’t earned his keep! Sad what your brother will do to ensure he has more than you! TGT is a moment for music culture not a d**k measuring contest.

TGT is a group not an individual effort but I guess everybody can’t buy in to a team concept when you don’t know what it is. TGT is no more because @tyrese feels he’s a better than me and G! Doesn’t have more hits, hasn’t sold more records, but somehow he’s better..smh We can’t even get to the second album before N***as start with this David Ruffin sh*t! #NoLoyalty

Ginuwine chimed in to add:

Right now I’m mad at my brotha I hate when sh*t goes viral when we grown men hit me but don’t make look minuscule kid so stay tuned for a retort unless I Geta a call people that was wack wack walk when you know I said you can have more MR Transformers and Fast and Furious…BUT!!!! (That’s the catch 22)

So if your ready then let me know but wow can’t believe king but I’m not a pawn F**K DAT let’s keep it real 100!!! Not sure king wanna do dis!! Stay tuned just a few hours bcz I’m ready to spit!!!!

TG needs to find another T or cut their losses because Tyrese is too far gone now.

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