Tank gathered Ja Rule like a struggle ponytail after the rapper slammed BET for using the #BlackBoyJoy hashtag on a photo of the New Edition cast, Omari Hardwick, and Maxwell.

Exhibit A:


Apparently, the rapper feels the hashtag is demeaning because you don’t call a black “man” a “boy.”

Ja went on to point out that it goes all the way back to slavery and he blasted BET because they “should know better.”

@bet Who’s behind this blackboyjoy hashtag NOT COOL VERY DEMEANING you don’t call a BLACK MAN A BOY PLS STOP THAT #… it goes all the way back to slavery and segregation you don’t call ANY MAN A BOY it’s disrespectful… but takes on a whole different meaning for black men @bet should know better…

Tank slid into the comments behind Ja Rule and read him like a bedtime story:

@ruleyorkcity when one black man tears down another black man for simply doing things a little different than what he would that creates the divide. Here you are supposed to be a positive reinforcement to all young black men injecting positivity into our community and you’re hating it! These young men have done nothing but shine a light on black excellence! How in God’s name can u find something wrong with that? It’s not like you’ve been a beacon of hope for our community so I think you should rethink your position. Let’s these young men live in the success of their hard work! Please! #TheGeneral

Not “a beacon of hope?” *flatlines*

Ja Rule - Black Boy Joy
Tank - Ja Rule

Welp. There’s nothing left to see here, folks!

How do you feel about the #BlackBoyJoy hashtag?

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