Tank wrote on Tyrese’s IG page:

Already did that in 2007 on an album called “Sex, Love, and Pain”. It was nomianted for 2 Grammys and had a #1 single for 15 wks!I have hip hop friends so now I have hip hop features! #NORealChallenge

Isn’t snoop dog hip hop? Wasn’t that the first single?..lol.

The challenge is shade!.. None of us have heard of Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, etc!! It’s not a challenge he’s just indirectly flaunting his success!..lol. Which is fine but don’t act like you the only one doing R&B Music!..lol.

Enjoy your black rose album..

If he says he doesn’t respect R&B singers with hip hop fetures in public then he’s saying he doesn’t respect me in publi! Who are we talking to?

On Wednesday night, Tank issued a public apology to Tyrese and the R&B community for showing out on social media.

Tank apologizes to Tyrese

Was Tyrese doing the most or was Tank in his feelings?

Your thoughts?

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