Tanisha Foster has filed new court documents in her ongoing battle with Nipsey Hussle‘s family for guardianship of her 10-year-old daughter, Emani.

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Tanisha, who goes by Chyna Hussle on social media, claims the family has completely cut her off since the rapper’s untimely demise and as a result, she has lost her apartment and is struggling to survive.

She stated in her court filing:

I strongly oppose both of the petitions filed by Samantha Alexandria Smith, Samiel Asghedom and Angelique Smith.

I am the other of Emani Asghedom and there is no good reason my rights as her mother should be taken away from me, or otherwise reduced as her mother.

Tanisha went on to argue that there has never been a “court order ever taking Emani away from me; or any court order that indicates that is not in her best interest to have me in her life.”

She added that she and Nipsey “always shared the responsibility of parenting Emani.”

Since his death, Tanisha says she “had to depend on the goodwill of family and friends for my food, clothing, shelter and transportation. Ermias had always provided for these needs up until his date of death.”

She stated Nipsey “also gave me substantial sums of cash that I used for the benefit of Emani and myself.”

Tanisha Foster said she depended on Nipsey Hussle to care for her and Emani because she has no financial means of her own.

She also claims she lost her loft apartment in downtown Los Angeles because the family refused to continuing paying the rent.

When he suddenly died, I came home one day to discover that the locks had been changed. His family is not willing to pay the rent. I am still in the process of putting all of my personal belongings into a storage facility.

No one seems to care about the impact Ermias’ death has had upon me and Emani. I have been maligned as being an unfit mother, a golddigger, and someone not worthy of any voice in the matter of my daughter and her future.

I’m not sure if Tanisha revealing her financial woes and homelessness to the court is hurting her case for guardianship of Emani.

Tanisha Foster and Nipsey Hussle’s family will be back in court next week.

This is so sad.

Your thoughts?

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