Police say 17-year-old Tanaya Lewis was “laughing and smiling” as she chased down 16-year-old Danyna Gibson and fatally stabbed her in a Fitzgerald High School classroom on Wednesday.

Lewis has been charged with first-degree murder on Friday afternoon.

Prosecutors said the teens were between classes when Tanaya approached Danyna with a kitchen-style steak knife and stabbed her twice – once directly in the heart.

Danyna tried to flee, but fell. That’s when Tanaya began punching her and stabbing her again puncturing Danyna’s lung.

A teacher managed to intervene, but Lewis continued to pursue Gibson yelling, “I’m going to kill her.”

Danyna was rushed to St. John’s Oakland Hospital where she was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

Via NY Daily News:

Police Commissioner William Dwyer said Lewis became upset with Danyna because she believed her classmate was telling her 17-year-old boyfriend that she’d been unfaithful and cheated on him.

The officer noted that there were texts between Lewis and the male student, but declined to elaborate on them further.


Tanaya Lewis was arraigned on Friday and held without bail.

She will return to court on September 27 and is facing the possibility of life in prison without parole.

My continued prayers and condolences to Danyna’s family.

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