Tammy Rivera - Waka Flocka


Here’s a prime example of why you shouldn’t put your personal business on social media.

Two months after Tammy Rivera announced her split from Waka Flocka because of his cheating, she’s returned to social media to explain why she’s staying with him.

In a string of Snapchat videos, Tammy explained:

You know, I find it funny when people say, ‘Oh, she’s stupid for going back to her husband.’

Your mother must be stupid too, huh? And your grandmother…and your auntie….

Cause I’m sure if you sit down with any of them that’s been married for 30, 40, 50, 60 years and ask them about your grandfather they’ll tell you some sh*t that will surprise the f**k out of you.

She continued:

It’s up to you to figure out if your marriage is worth it. If that’s what you want and if that’s what you want to go back to go give it another chance.

I so happen to take my vows serious and I know that we as women mature faster than men. Sometimes we have to mold, build, and raise them as children.

With all that being said, I felt like my husband fought for his wife back and I’m gonna fight to make this marriage work with the help of God and stick to my vows….until otherwise.

This ain’t none of ya’ll business and I know it’s going to go past half of y’all’s heads. But, talk to your grandmother or your aunties.

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