The first rule of reality TV is you have no control over the editing and the network will do whatever takes to get us to watch.

Tammy Rivera is very unhappy with the way she and her hubby, Waka Flocka, were portrayed on Thursday night’s episode of “Marriage Boot Camp.”

In a post on her Instagram page, Tammy blasted WEtv for editing a “whole f**king lie” for ratings at the expense of their lives.

Tonight episode of #MBC was FULL OF SH*T!! The Whole episode!! I know y’all want to make a good show but not at the expense of our REAL LIVES!! We all felt it was some caping going on when @iamdimepiece test came back with “deception” yea ok….

But to know the obstacles me and my husband been through and edit a WHOLE F*CKING LIE IS playing with our whole life like Dime said!! I was arguing with production for having us out at a strip club in LA with No REAL security wide open! My husband wasn’t tripping but I was! Cause I have to watch his back as his wife so I went TF OFF! Streets don’t give a damn about no TV sh*t!

I must say everything has been REAL and truthfully until this episode and I’m disappointed that our real personalities, arguments, laughter and struggles wasn’t enough for you guys that you had to spice it up by EDITING A STRAIGHT LIE! @thelilmoshow @niariley @therealtiffanycampbell @iamdimepiece @souljaboy @airfizzo @dynamitetko

Considering Waka’s history of cheating, I totally understand Tammy’s frustration. However, sis ain’t new to this and she knows how reality TV works.

Watch the full episode below.


Your thoughts?

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