You never know what someone is going through.

Tamika Scott of the legendary R&B group, Xscape, was just released from the hospital after suffering multiple complications that developed after she had a hysterectomy.

The singer, who renewed her wedding vows in November, detailed her journey back to health via Instagram.

Tamika wrote:

Went in for an outpatient Hysterectomy Jan 10th because I have really bad fibroids.

Got home and was rushed back to the hospital. My kidney was full of blood so the urologist had to put in a drain to release the blood which hung from my side.

Moving to my 4th procedure, my Ureter had to be repaired because it was damaged in the process so a stent was put in. 12days in the hospital I was faced with many trials and test.

I had 2rude African American nurses, but God replaced them with other caring nurses, who took really good care of me!! I’m finally home (with a catheter ?) and recovering well with the grace of God!

Thank you to the ones who prayed, visited, brought hubby food (who refused to leave my side) I am beyond grateful! I will have a full Hallelujah testimony soon. I’m going through but God got me and he’s keeping me.

Whoever is going through something out here, stay prayed up and DON’T GIVE UP because GOD Got you! No matter how bad it seems, God Loves you!! #faith #in #god #for #complete #healing #tamikascott #my #testimony #trust #god #word

Tamika Scott shared more photos and video on her Instagram page.

Wishing her a full and speedy recovery.

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