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Tamika Fuller Thinks Ludacris’ Wedding Is Part Of Plan To Gain Sole Custody Of Their Daughter

While we were all congratulating Ludacris and his new bride, Eudoxie, on their holiday nuptials…his baby’s mother, Tamika Fuller, saw the wedding as another strategic move by the rapper to gain sole custody of their daughter.

As you may recall, Ludacris, born Chris Bridges, had an “on break” baby with Fuller in December 2013 and the two of them have been battling in court over their daughter, Cai Bella Bridges, ever since.

In February 2014, Luda filed for full custody of his daughter claiming he was a “fit and capable parent.” Unfortunately for the rapper-turned-actor, a judge awarded full custody to Tamika on the grounds that it is in the best interest of the child to remain with her mother.

Ludacris Loses His Custody Battle For His ‘On Break’ Baby & Gets Stuck With $35,000 In Legal Fees

Ludacris was also ordered to pay $7,500 per month in child support and to add insult to injury, he also had to pay Tamika’s $35,000 legal fees.

Some are reporting Tamika Fuller is planning her own shotgun wedding before the final custody hearing later this month.

Jesus fix it!

In related news….

Eudoxie Bridges subtly squashed reports that Ludacris‘ mother picked out her wedding gown as part of an elaborate “surprise wedding.”

Welp. At least she cleared that up.

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