1. Tami hates the term “cougar” because she feels it sounds like you’re taking care of a man. She added for the record, “I do not take care of Reggie.”

2. Tami’s pregnancy was planned. She told Angela Yee, “[It was] planned as best as it could be. I never thought that I would have children again. But, because he is 17 years younger he’s never been married. He’s never had children. What I learned on ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ was how to compromise in the relationship. So, I decided to give him what he doesn’t have.”

3. Reggie is 28…7 years older than Tami’s eldest daughter, Lyric, who will be 21 this year.

4. Tami met Reggie at Pappadeaux’s (my favorite restaurant)!

5. Tami discovered her last boyfriend was cheating on her when he left his Twitter account up on her computer and she saw his DMs.

6. Tami declined to have her new relationships on “Basketball Wives” out of respect for her ex-husband Kenny Anderson. “At the end of the day, the reason why I was on ‘Basketball Wives’ is because of Kenny Anderson and I give him – if it weren’t for that relationship I wouldn’t have been allowed to be on that show.”

7. Tami and Shaunie O’Neal appeared on “Basketball Wives LA” to help the show’s struggling ratings. “Shaunie called me because the truth of the matter is Miami has been the favorite in terms of the installment for ‘Basketball Wives.’ ‘LA’ struggles sometimes in the ratings and Shaunie was like, ‘I’m in LA…you’re in LA a lot…let’s just make some appearances on there.’”

8. Tami stopped smoking. “I didn’t stop cold turkey. I used a medicine called Chantix. I was hard. But, three weeks in I wasn’t smoking anymore.” Congrats!

9. Tami isn’t “friends” with any of the “Basketball LA” cast members. “I’m going to be honest and I’m not going to say that we’re friends because I don’t use that term lightly. But, I know Jackie…I’ve been in the same circles as her. I’ve been out at clubs with Malaysia, but I wouldn’t consider us friends, but I would say that we’ve gotten closer since the taping.”

10. Tami hasn’t watched Evelyn Lozada’s new series, “Living Lozada.”

11. Tami doesn’t like being in the blogs. “I personally don’t like being in the blogs I feel like unless it’s something really valuable. I don’t consider some of the things that’s on the blogs news.”

12. Her daughters love Reggie. “It’s really a good adjusted blended family. People would think that my daughters would be like, ‘Oh mom…he’s so much younger…closer to our age. We could be in college with him!’ But, my daughters are like, ‘He makes you happy and we want to see our mom happy.’”

13. Tami suffered a heart attack. “I had a mini heart attack and it was due to diet and smoking and I’m also a diabetic. You know, those are all the things I’m worried about with this pregnancy. It’s just trying to do the right thing.”

14. Tami recently did a pilot for a new show called, “The Assist,” with Nick Young, Brooke Valentine, and Paris Phillips.

15. Tami feels people need to respect her hustle. “I think people need to respect my hustle because I’m one of the few people who’s been on TV for about 21 years consistently. You might know me from “Basketball Wives” or whatever, but there are a lot of people who do shows and they fade away and you never hear from them again!”

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