Tamar Braxton - Vince Herbert - The View


Tamar Braxton was a special guest co-host on “The View” on Friday and she opened up about her troubled marriage and set the record straight about a few rumors floating around.

Here’s what we know from Tamar:

  • She definitely filed for divorce and it was not a publicity stunt.
  • She and Vince are living separately.
  • She and Vince are in intensive counseling.

Vince Herbert, who was there for the taping, joined Tamar at the table to also set the record straight on a few things.

  • He did NOT get another woman pregnant.
  • He denied all other allegations and rumors (of alleged emotional and physical abuse).
  • He says he will never stop fighting for his family.

As he professed his love for Tamar and tried to win the audience over, Tay Tay’s body language was telling a completely different story.

Tamar also shifted the blame to her friends for the pregnancy rumors that led her to having a total meltdown on Instagram.

Watch the clip below and let me know what kind of vibe you got from it.


Oh, and Tamar also addressed her exit from “The Real”…

Your thoughts?