Tamar Braxton & Vince Herbert Shut Down Divorce Rumors

Tamar Braxton & Vince Herbert Shut Down Divorce Rumors

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert have released a video on social media which pretty much shuts down reports claiming their marriage is in shambles over a cheating scandal.

B. Scott exclusively reported Vince wanted a divorce after learning Tamar was reportedly carrying on an affair with another high profile man.

You can get the scoop on that here.

Welp. Tamar shut all of that down by posting a video of her singing Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” in Vince’s ear.

Tay smiled as she sang, “You’ll always be a part of me…and I’m part of you indefinitely.”

The caption on the video read, “After all these years he STILL hates when I sing in his ear? #Tamar&Vince❤️”




I’m so happy to know they’re still together and all is well in the Herbert household.

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