Tamar Braxton- Tank

Tamar Braxton & Tank Trade Shade Over Her Former Band

Tamar Braxton and Tank got into a messy exchange on social media over her former band.

A few days ago, Tamar took to Instagram to announce she has booked a new tour and her band is fired because they were a no-show for her gig in Philly.

Tank must’ve popped a Petty Pill and hopped on Instagram to taunt Tamar by telling her they are his band now and he’s “not letting them go.”

He went on to defend the band by saying they would never intentionally miss a gig and somebody done told her wrong if they said otherwise.

@tamarbraxton I have the band and I’m not letting them go!..???. On some real shit though sis don’t attack these kids on social media. @Von_cocapt  @jboohill @aj4rmduval @zamarworld are good guys and they’d never intentionally miss a gig period.

If someone in your camp is telling you something different, which i know they are, it’s a lie. I’m not here to attack you on social media either just here to protect my guy’s professionalism and credibility on social media since they were attacked here..??‍♂️

As you can imagine – the exchanged escalated pretty quickly.

Peep the posts below.

Tank - Tamar Braxton

Tank - Tamar Braxton

Tamar ended her exchange by telling Tank:

I’ve ALREADY won! That’s what winners do!!!…lets not get into relationship status!! I’m sure you would like to be a husband, but how do you tell your girlfriend about your wife??‍♀️ I have the REAL receipts cause it happened to ME not YOU and guess what?

It is what it is!! I’m over and done with it and I’m going to say this one more time STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS!! You are completely OUT OF ORDER!! Only a true QUEEN would call a woman nasty. Smh.

Your thoughts on this?

Did Tank do the right thing by defending the band or should he have minded his “Maybe I Deserve” business?!