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Tamar Braxton Slams Reports That She & Vincent Herbert Are In Deep Financial Trouble

A day after Tamar Braxton was reportedly rushed to the hospital due to anxiety and hyperventilation, she took to her Twitter account to slam reports that she and her husband, Vincent Herbert, are in financial trouble and at risk of losing everything…including their home.

On Tamar’s birthday, Sandra Rose reported that an inside source gave her the scoop on Tamar and Vince’s financial woes.

Read an excerpt of the post below.

The source also revealed they owe the IRS $1.6 million! “She will be out of her house in Calabasas by the end of the year,” said the source.

The source said the couple’s mansion is sitting empty because they can’t afford furniture. “How do you live in a mansion and you can’t afford to put furniture in it?” said the source. The cost to furnish a typical mansion in the Calabasas area exceeds $300,000 — cash that Braxton and Herbert apparently don’t have.

In addition to leasing the mansion, the source said Tamar and Vince’s cars are also leased — the ones that aren’t already repossessed for breaking the lease agreement.

The source told Sandrarose.com exclusively that Tamar owes everyone money, and she has worn out her welcome at recording studios in LA. “Producers won’t work with her until she pays them up front,” said the source, who added that Tamar’s personal hairstylist Terrell quit because she was late paying him.

Tamar took to her Twitter account on Friday morning and put Sandra Rose on blast.

So.YALL blogs and validated radio stations etc getting your news from a BATHROOM blogger ? If my husband owed 1.6, hell 4.6 mill dollars I could pay that! Be. careful. you ARE sending me to the hospital with anxiety issues! Maybe I Should talk to my Lawyer about the rumors you are spreading &how sick it’s making me. You did say that’s why I went correct.

Tamar deleted the tweets moments later.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard talk of Vince’s tax debt. Remember when Tamar’s sister, Towanda Braxton, clowned Vince for his tax troubles?

WHO’S THE SHADIEST BRAXTON SISTER OF ALL? Towanda Braxton Clowns Vince’s $3 Mil Tax Debt On Twitter

I’m sure Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton will work out anything they’re facing together and I wish her a speedy recovery.

That stress life ain’t no joke.


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