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This was the shoot for the cover of jet magazine just one week after Vince got out of the hospital for his P.E.’s it’s so crazy that 3 years later around this time of year… I would be in the hospital for the same thing..?God is so amazing. And Life is so unexpected. I look back at Things, people, names that I was called that used to effect me but the only thing that I can think of these days is my family, my #tamartian friends and being with people that make me positive and happy. It shouldn’t take something serious to make us think about the little things in life that are FREE. Enjoy your life. Live your BEST life. Have NO regrets. Don’t forget to watch #TheReal tomorrow when I call in and give u all an update on how I’m doing. I love you all with all my heart❣

On Thursday, Tamar called in to “The Real” to give her co-hosts and viewers an update on her health. She also shared how blessed she is to have made it through her health crisis.

I’m just so elated. And I just feel so blessed to come out of the hospital. Because, you know, the realization is that, you know, a lot of people don’t come out of the hospital with, you know, multiple PEs [pulmonary embolism]  like I had. And you know, um, I just feel really blessed … beyond measure. And I’m just so excited that I was one of the few people who got a chance to come out of the hospital, come on!

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