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Tamar Braxton Lands Her Own Talk Show Produced By Steve Harvey

Tamar Braxton - Shirley Strawberry


Tamar Braxton Lands Her Own Talk Show Produced By Steve Harvey

Won’t he do it!

Less than two weeks after being fired from “The Real,” Tamar Braxton has landed her very own talk show.

The announcement was made on Thursday morning when the singer and reality TV star appeared on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show.”

Steve Harvey announced:

Because of our relationship over the years with the family, especially our relationship with her husband, Vince, who is an absolutely brilliant businessman… and the relationship with the president of our production company, Gerald Washington of 112 Street Productions….

We are proud to announce that 112 Street Productions, which is one of the fast-growing TV production companies in Hollywood right now…

My production company, 112 Street, has just signed Tamar Braxton to produce a talk show TV series with Tamar Braxton.

We saw an opportunity in what people may recognize as the end – but it’s not!

It’s such a beginning. She has such a bright future! She is such a star! She has so much to offer! She is a plethora of talent!

So, we’ve signed her to 112 Street Productions for a new show!

Watch the full interview on page 2.

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