Tamar Braxton & K. Michelle End Their Feud & Will Perform Together At The BET Awards

Tamar wrote:

Don’t look at me like that!!😁 sometimes in life you have to learn from the past to be who you are truly meant to be!! Things hurt but if don’t KILL you… You can share your story so that others can learn from it and apply it to their life in a positive way, and all that does is makes EVERYONE a stronger person!! I wanted to show not just my #tamartiansfriends but to ALL people who thought that you have to live your life holding on to whatever bothers you, right or wrong… FORGIVENESS is for you & the BEST part about it is…it is FREE!! Nothing is that serious.. So let it GO and be FREE and EMPOWER yourself!!! Join me and @kmichellemusic at the @betawards and see how all of this nonsense ends! Go to iTunes and get my new single #ifidonthaveyou and sing along with me!! Cause honestly if I didn’t I wouldn’t have the courage to say “whatever I said or did to hurt you.. I’m deeply sorry.. And forgive me” It’s REALLY that simple ❤️

Well, good for them! It’s so refreshing to see two talented women setting their petty differences aside. There’s no telling how long the truce will last, but I’m going to be hopeful and optimistic!

Photo: Instagram


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