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Tamar Braxton & K. Michelle End Their Feud & Will Perform Together At The BET Awards

Tamar Braxton - K. Michelle


After years of trading shade and insults, Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle have squashed their ridiculous beef and have made amends. Won’t he do it?!

Not only have K. Michelle and Tamar set aside their differences, the ladies will join forces in a special performance at the 2015 BET Awards this Sunday (June 28).

Tamar gave “Entertainment Tonight” the scoop in an exclusive interview.

Well, there is a very special performance coming up and with the whole women’s empowerment and everyone coming together and everyone coming from a place where we all can understand each other.

I’m doing a very special performance with myself and K. Michelle, who in the past you know, we’ve both had a lot of disagreements…I guess about life in general.  You know? And this is actually the first time we will be meeting each other.

I’m really excited because I’m really about girls sticking up for each other and being there for each other. It’s just time for all of the nonsense to stop and let’s just empower each other and be great.

Watch video of Tamar’s announcement on page 2.

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