Tamar Braxton has received a lot of criticism in the wake of her niece Lauren Braxton‘s passing.

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The singer and reality TV star came under fire for performing on Kandi BurrussDungeon Party Tour because people felt like she should be grieving rather than tapping into her freaky side.

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Now, she’s back in headlines after announcing she would not be attending LoLo’s funeral because she’s “too drained” and “doesn’t have time.”

I don’t have time to go to the funeral. I’m still drained from that…It’s a lot…

Everything happens in God’s divine order and you’ve got to respect it and praise him anyway.

Watch the clip below that has everyone in an uproar.



I don’t feel comfortable telling someone how they should grieve or mourn a loved one, but some things should remain unsaid.

Your thoughts?

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