Tamar Braxton has come under fire for participating in Kandi Burruss‘ Dungeon Party Tour after the sudden loss of her niece, Lauren Braxton.

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Apparently, some of Tamar’s fans feel she should be somewhere grieving rather than turning up her sexy and performing.

The singer and reality TV star took to social media to address the criticism with this post:




Kandi Burruss also took to social media to defend Tamar and made the point that some people have to literally work through their pain and grief to keep going.

All the performers in my Dungeon party were amazing but I want to say a special thanks to @tamarbraxton! She was phenomenal! Tamar experienced a death in the family this week & I saw a few people have decided to shame her for performing because they feel that she should not be doing anything at this time. YOU CAN NOT TELL PEOPLE HOW TO GRIEVE.

Some people need to work or stay active to stop theirselves from falling apart. Believe me I know! I have experienced the lost of loved ones too many times. My brother died when I was 15. I decided to go to my performing arts class the next day. Everybody was asking why was I there because they thought I’d be grieving at home. What they didn’t understand was that I needed to be there. To help me thru my pain. I’m tearing up even thinking about it. ?

Anyway… I shared that to say that Tamar has been sad but being out here with us has been helping keep her spirits up. So leave her alone! & just be supportive of her & her family during this time. Sometimes death will paralyze you with grief but you gotta figure out how to turn it into fuel to keep living & make the most of the life you have. I love you Tamar! Keep pushing thru the pain. ❤️

See Kandi’s original post below.


Folks gotta learn to leave people be.

You can’t tell someone how to grieve.

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