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The ladies of “The Real” had another eye-sweating convo today when the topic was bullying in Hollywood, in school, and online.

It was just last October that Tamar, Tamera, Lonnie, Adrienne, and Jeannie tearfully shared their baggage and insecurities on the air.

VIDEO: Tears Flow As The Hosts Of ‘The Real’ Share Their Insecurities – Watch Now!

Today, when Jeannie asked Tamar Braxton, who has endured a history of bullying that goes all the way back to high school, what advice would she give her son, Logan…her response was heartbreaking.

Tamar broke down in tears as she admitted, “Oh, God. I feel like a terrible person.” She continued, “I don’t have any advice to give because I’m still going through it.”

That’s when Tamar revealed she’s still enduring the ridicule of K. Michelle referring to her as “a muppet,” particularly Miss Piggy, during a few of their ugly online exchanges.


K. Michelle - Tamar Braxton


Chris Brown revived the insult when he referred to Tamar as a “muppet face a**” when he lashed out at her in a fit of anger.

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Tamar tearfully shared:

I was just asking my husband the other day….uh, you know when you say, Lonnie, ‘You just not gone talk about my girls,’ I know exactly what you’re talking about because a particular person started saying I look like a muppet.

People say it so much…I start to believe it. And so…I even asked Vince. I’m like, ‘Do I look like a muppet?’

He’s like, ‘Absolutely not!’

But, this person has the whole world calling me that. It’s just so devastating because it takes me back to high school and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Grab your Kleenex and watch the clip below.



K. Michelle wasn’t moved by Tamar’s emotional confession. The Rebellious Soul singer sent out this tweet shortly after the segment aired.

K. Michelle - Tamar Braxton


Welp. I guess we’ll just have to let Jesus fix it. Cause….