LAAAAWD! Tamar Braxton done hopped on Instagram with “proof” Loni Love conspired to get her fired from “The Real.”

The alleged receipts is in response to the hosts addressing their ongoing feud with Tamar and her alleged false narrative she pushing about her exit from the show.

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Peep the posts below.

Tamar Braxton - Loni Love
Tamar Braxton - Loni Love
Tamar Braxton - Loni Love

Loni Love responded to the letter writing accusations….

Tamar Braxton - Loni Love

Tamar didn’t respond to Loni, but she did follow up with this clip of TS Madison roasting Ms. Love like a Thanksgiving turkey…LORDT!

Tamar added that Loni Love was stalking her and Wendy and started all of this mess!

Tamar Braxton - Loni Love

Loni responded to Tamar Braxton again…urging her to come on the show.

Tamar Braxton - Loni Love

While I think this whole situation is ridiculous – especially TWO YEARS LATER…Loni Love ain’t no dummy.

She knows convincing Tamar to come on “The Real” would be a ratings goldmine!

If Loni and Tamar really wanted to talk it out – they could simply go on IG Live together and hash it out the same way they are in the streets of social media.

Just saying…

What are your thoughts on this tomfoolery?!

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