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T-Pain took to social media to offer clarity as to what really happened when he got jammed up with a loaded gun at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

The rapper-turnt-singer and his bodyguard were detained at the security checkpoint when TSA discovered a loaded gun in their backpack.


Atlanta police said the gun was found in a backpack belonging to T-Pain, whose real name is Faheem Rashad Najm. Investigators said the bag was being carried by his bodyguard, Carlos Aleili Flores.

T-Pain and his bodyguard were taken to the airport police precinct while officers looked into the situation.

“(T-Pain) advised that he was the rightful owner of the firearm and provided his valid permit to carry. (His) weapon was returned to him, and no charges were filed,” police said in a statement to Channel 2 Action News.

While they were detained, T-Pain took to Instagram and posted a photo of the Atlanta Police Crime Lab.

The caption read:

#B*tchIMightBe a tad bit late to #Lubbock #TX today. Things at the Atlanta airport are getting……….. eventful.


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On Saturday, he returned to social media to set the record straight as to what really happened after he was criticized and accused of being just another “thug” trying to sneak a gun through airport security.

For everybody reading headlines and making their own stories and calling me an “ignorant thug with a gun” just because that’s what you draw from my image.

What they’re NOT talking about is how I didn’t leave my Security stuck there with MY gun when most artist would’ve ran off from fear of the press *cough cough* it was an honest mistake. NO CHARGES. NO ARRESTS.

All my guns are legal, registered to me under my license to carry and out of the reach of my children because I’m not a dumbass. Atlanta PD unloaded the rounds and handed it right back to me, I sent it home and caught the next flight out.

Pls for the love of God. CALM YOUR T-TS!!!

Watch below as T-Pain explains:


You may recall Juelz Santana is cased up now because he was caught with a gun in and he took off running.

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Folks, double and triple check your bags before heading to the airport.

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