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Jada Pinkett Smith revealed T.I. will be an upcoming guest on “Red Table Talk” to discuss his controversial comments regarding his daughter, Deyjah Harris‘ virginity.

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During a guest appearance on the “Ladies Like Us” podcast, the rapper and actor boasted about attending his daughter’s visit to the gynecologist to ensure her hymen was “intact” to confirm her virginity.

The remarks sparked a huge debate on social media and everywhere else about whether or not T.I. was being a great and overprotective father or if he was crossing the line and policing his adult daughter’s body.

Since making the remarks, Tip got quiet expeditiously. He has not been on social media nor has he released any new episodes of his own podcast.

Jada Pinkett Smith gave “Entertainment Tonight” the scoop on her sit down with the rapper saying:

My next big guest is Tip. T.I. is coming to the table. Yes indeed. And of course, he’s going to address the controversy that has been swirling.

We just shot that today. And then he and Tiny sit down and talk about how they survived, in regards to their marriage.

So that will be next Monday.

It would have been nice to let Deyjah speak, but then again, she probably feels like she’s been embarrassed by all of this enough.

Will you be tuned in to hear what Mr. Harris has to say?


Jada Pinkett Smith shared the first photo of T.I. and Tiny at the red table.


Peep the stark contrast in the looks on Jada and Tiny’s faces…