T.I. Checks Kodak Black After His Disrespectful Comments About Lauren London (Video)


Lauren London is living a real-life nightmare right now after the loss of Nipsey Hussle and the last thing she deserves is to be disrespected.

Habitual line-stepper Kodak Black is under fire after he appeared on Instagram Live making totally inappropriate remarks about Lauren in the wake of Nipsey’s passing.

The rapper, who has a pending sexual assault case referred to Lauren as a “whole widow” who will be “crying and sh*t” for about a year. He also noted that he’d be “the best man he could be” for her.

Then, Kodak said he’s not trying to holla, but if she needs a shoulder to cry on Lauren could “call his line.”

Watch below courtesy of The Shade Room:


Once T.I. caught wind of the video he promptly took to Instagram and told Kodak Black he was “out of pocket” and he better “fix that sh*t…expeditiously!”




Some have gone as far as calling for a boycott of Kodak Black to put a muzzle on his mouth and his music until he does better.


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#Repost @behindthesmokex • • • • • Bruh, enough is enough already. Is there anyone around or near this young, ignorant bastard that can advise him properly? Does the record company that he’s signed to, think that this entertaining or does someone think that disrespectful comments such as these, will somehow increase his popularity? I’ve been watching & listening to this kid become increasingly ridiculous video after video, and this is the second one today. Allow me to be the first to tell you that by him going down this route in particular, traveling to LA will result in him either not going or, needing armed security around the clock. Now maybe he isn’t in his right mind & whomever benefits from him financially are all finding this funny??‍♂️. I am putting out a call to everyone that reads this to repost this and tag @AtlanticRecords with the hashtag #SilenceKodakNow . God forbid if something should happen to him, nothing about him or what he’s been perpetuating will be funny. Last night someone sent me the specifics of his case & I was astonished to read that he’s being accused of sexual assault, as well as biting the woman on her breast. In light of the tragedy that has happened to Ermias Asghedom aka Nipsey Hussle, followed by the blatant disrespect of his memory & family, I am also asking that every radio station that has Kodak Black on their playlist, refuse to support his music effective immediately. Thank you. #SilenceKodakNow @AtlanticRecords #CraigKallman Please Repost!!!! @funkflex @djself @djclue @djenvy @djkhaled @djkayslay @djsussone @djdrama @djspinking @joebudden @mal_bytheway @bigu1 @ceoslow @snoopdogg @troubleman31 @oldmanebro

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Of course, you know the Twittersphere was buzzing…






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