T.I. took to social media to respectfully pull Floyd Mayweather‘s coattails over his “All Lives Matter” remarks in a recent interview.

In case you missed the tomfoolery, Floyd proclaimed all lives matter and went on to implore people to “follow directions, follow orders, and don’t give anybody [police] a hard time.”

I’m here to say all lives matter. You know, a lot of times, we get stuck, and we are followers. When you hear one person say, ‘black lives matter’ or ‘blue lives matter,’ all lives matter.”

It’s not right what is going on in this world on both sides. What I learned from boxing and what everyone can take in real life is to follow directions, follow order. Don’t give nobody a hard time.

Don’t believe me? Just watch…



T.I., who has had his issues with Floyd in the past, set his personal feelings aside and publicly schooled the boxing champ.

Read his full post below:

Yo, @floydmayweather all our past personal differences & opinions of each other aside….

This is socially irresponsible, inconsiderate, & insensitive. It mirrors delusional oblivion in a way only brainwashing tactics can achieve. This completely undermines & discredits the movements that fight for the plights of our people. You’re a leader whether you know it or not. Don’t get so lost in personal possession or individual achievement that you lose sight of the things that are larger than all of us.

Freedom, equality, justice, human rights, qualities of life that have been withheld (or given out sparingly) from our people for generations (400 yrs approximately). A true champion is a man of the people. A true champion makes sacrifices for the people & takes a stand against injustices for those who may not be strong enough or able to do so. A true champion is great inside as well as out. There’s a difference in “Greatness” & being “Great” at something. “Greatness” isn’t a measure of your abilities & accomplishments, “Greatness” is a measure of your morals, integrity & principles throughout life. Oppression knows no neutral ground. Either you’re the oppressed, or you’re the oppressor.

What side would you like to believe you’re on? While some will try to make this more critical than I hope for it to seem…it must be said. The world is watching. I have an obligation to myself & those who follow me to address this. Just know I ain’t looking to clown you, I’m just trying to enlighten you, hoping that with better insight you can use your powers for good. Respectfully…-King #USorELSE

T.I. better be his brother’s keeper!

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