On the heels of Spike Lee announcing he was boycotting Gucci and Prada until they hire black designers, T.I. has taken to social media with a call-to-action of his own.

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The rapper and actor has called for a 3-month ban on buying or wearing Gucci.

3 MONTHS?!?!?!? He’s kidding, right?

In a post on his Instagram page, Tiny’s husband wrote:

If you go against the movement…
It won’t go unnoticed.
If you wit US….REPOST!!!
#USorELSE✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊? #??Gucci

Welp. Apparently, he’s not kidding.

See his original post and full call-to-action below.



With all due respect, this sounds like someone who is mad…but he ain’t MAD mad because he wants to still wear Gucci.

Sure, let’s just put them in a 3-month timeout (until the hype dies down) and then you can go back to wearing your designer digs without criticism.


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