Swizz Beatz To Kanye West: 'F--k That MAGA HatA lot of folks are frustrated with Kanye West after the antics he pulled during his appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

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Swizz Beatz took to social media saying he recently spoke to Ye about that dangnabbit MAGA hat, what it symbolizes and why so many of his friends and fans are offended by it:

Yeah, I just seen that ‘SNL’ Kanye.

And I hear you talking about you being bullied for the hat. It feels kinda funny because we were just talking about the hat less than 48 hours ago…

Teyana Taylor was in the studio, Ferg was in the studio…a bunch of people were in the studio.

And I was just addressing how uncomfortable the culture feels with you representing somebody that’s blatantly hurting our people.  You understand?

Ain’t nobody bullying you – we love you! We not bullying you, but you gotta stop that sh-t!

The sh-t ain’t right!

Watch below as Swizz tells it like it t-i-is!



Kanye doubled down on his foolishness by posting the hat “represents good” and “America becoming whole again.”




What the entire f–k?!

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