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Tim Norman Responds To Miss Robbie’s Lawsuit

Tim Norman is speaking out about his mother’s lawsuit against him.

Miss Robbie Montgomery slapped her son with a lawsuit last week accusing him of stealing money and misusing the Sweetie Pie’s trademark to open competing restaurants.

Sweetie Pie’s Founder Miss Robbie Sues Her Son For Theft & Trademark Infringement

Tim is telling a very different story.

Speaking exclusively to The YBF, Tim says he’s actually trying to protect the Sweetie Pie’s brand because “outsiders” are manipulating his mother into selling the business and he refuses to stand by and let that happen.

In this turn of events, unfortunately, outsiders appear to be misguiding and manipulating my mother to sell our family business. It’s complicated, to say the least, as we have joint interest in various facets of the Sweetie Pies brand. I have to stay true to our brand and our business and I truly hope this disagreement can be settled between my mother and me.

I have always, and will always, want what is best for my mother, our family, and our people. This is the risk of doing business with loved ones and I am hopeful for swift resolution.

Tim’s attorney Mary Ann L. Wymore Greensfelder of Hemker & Gale, P.C. released the following statement:

The allegations leveled by Robbie Montgomery against her son, Tim Norman, are both meritless and disappointing. Tim has worked tirelessly alongside his mother to help build the Sweetie Pie’s brand. While we strongly encouraged Ms. Montgomery’s attorneys to work with us to attempt to resolve this family dispute pre-litigation, they refused to do so. We will now defend this lawsuit vigorously and are confident that Tim will be vindicated.

Tim took to social media to reaffirm he will NOT allow Sweetie Pie’s to be sold.


I pray the family is able to work everything out.

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