Swae Lee says he will not sue the fan who threw her phone on the stage and hit him in the mouth.

The Rae Sremmurd rapper caught a bad one on Sunday night during the Dazed and Blazed Tour in Dallas when an overzealous fan busted his lip and chipped his tooth when she threw her cell phone on stage.

The fan wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt the 23-year-old Hip-Hop star, she just wanted him to take a selfie with her phone, but her aim was completely off.

Initially, Swae Lee said he was going to sue the fan. Now, that he’s calmed down he has had a change of heart.

The rapper wrote on Instagram:

BUSTED TOOTH ,BUSTED LIP STILL PERFORMED MY LAST SONG OF MY SET .. felt like a WWE MATCH ?I came to put on a show that’s what went down!!!

Show must go ON !! In Sremm life we Pray ??(BTW IM NOT SUING THE YOUNG LADY WHO THREW THE PHONE ) all love I know she didn’t think it would bust my whole million dollar grill on my face that my mother gave me.

Watch the aftermath below.

These fans gotta chill!

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