Suicide Squad Review

Suicide Squad Review

Wassup, y’all! Anyone out there believe in rehabilitation? I don’t mean rehab for a torn MCL or a weed-smoking problem, I mean hardened criminal rehabilitation. Now, when I was a kid and decided to display deviant behavior, my mom quickly rehabilitated me by taking out her belt and whuppin’ my a$$. Problem solved!

I’m talking about the ones who attend the Scared Straight programs so much they consider it a part-time job. The ones in Rikers, the 25-to-lifers, can they truly contribute positively to society? I don’t know if there’s a heaven for a G, but in the new movie “Suicide Squad,” a crew of the most lethal criminals in the world get a shot at redemption – God help us all! Will this movie kill it at the box office, or will you wanna kill yourself after seeing it? Let’s go!

This group has been a terror since the public school era! Summer’s last biggest anticipated blockbuster isn’t about superheroes but rather super THUGS. I’m not talking about rapper N.O.R.E, I’m talking about The Suicide Squad. The movie takes place following the death of Superman. Feeling that world is vulnerable, Amanda Waller, leader of a secret government agency, recruits imprisoned super-villains to form a team and execute dangerous black ops missions and save the planet from major threats in exchange for clemency. As a whole, “Suicide Squad” is very entertaining. The first act does a thorough job of giving character backstory and that’s tough because there are a lot of characters to cover. In fact, this movie has one of the best 1st acts I’ve seen out of any comic book movie. That same accolade, however, is a major flaw. Once the character introductions and plot is established, it’s plain to see that Will Smith who plays Deadshot and Margot Robbie who plays Harley Quinn will be the main stars of the movie.

From a money-making standpoint it makes sense, but the movie is called “Suicide Squad”, not “Suicide Duo”. You may feel some kind of way about this, especially if your favorite villain is say, Captain Boomerang. Nevertheless, Smith and Robbie give us our money’s worth with their performances. Deadshot onscreen is every bit of his comic-book persona. Robbie’s portrayal of Harley is dead on. She gives us the right amount of sexy laced with deranged like Kool-Aid laced with promethazine, and while the other members – Rick Flagg, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo, and Killer Croc – lack prolonged exposure, director David Ayer is able to give them some dope scenes coupled with witty and sometimes poignant dialogue. The “Sheisty Award” goes to Viola Davis. Her role as Amanda Waller is Eazy E-caliber ruthless! She teaches the villains how to be villains. Her screen time is limited, but it’s due to the plot. Now, let me get to the real reason you’re reading this: The Joker.

Jared Leto as The Joker is a cross between Jack Nicholson’s Joker and Heath Ledger’s Joker, serious with three large scoops of craziness. He also adds his own character traits; a calm but erratic voice like a psychopath, and eyes of death. He and Harley Quinn truly share an affinity for each other as you’ll see when you watch the film, but for all of you who are solely going because of The Joker, the joke will be on you. Limited screen time is The Joker’s sentence. His scenes are strategically placed. So, just when you think you’ll never see him again – Ha…ha…ha. As far as action goes, maaaaan, “Suicide Squad” is lit! Bullets flying, baseball bats smashing, bodies dropping, hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your aunts ‘cause they killin’ everybody out here and that’s word to Antoine Dodson. One of the main antagonists isn’t as hardcore as I would’ve liked but notice I said “ONE” of the antagonists and the CGI is corny in some scenes. The climax in the 3rd act kicks a$$, though! “Suicide Squad” isn’t a historic comic-book movie but it is a very, very exciting and entertaining piece of work. If you don’t go see this film, kill yo’self.

“Suicide Squad” doesn’t deserve the beating it’s taking by critics. Understand this; the movie is rated PG-13. The movie focuses on characters that KILL PEOPLE in the comic books. If it had an R-rating like “Deadpool” did, maybe it could’ve gotten away with a few more colorful scenes. Plus, these movies are really for kids. Grown-a$$ people seem to forget that. The backlash is totally unnecessary and completely out of line. Listen, you’ll have a great time watching this. Don’t pay attention to those idiots because they’re probably getting paid to shade this movie. There are cameos, some you know and some that are not common, so if you blink fast, you may not catch it (please read into that sentence).

The cast works well together, the plot is cool, I’m co-signing “Suicide Squad” to the fullest! Check this movie out, y’all. Rehabilitation…who needs it!