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Welp. Suge Knight has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for the hit-and-run death of businessman Terry Carter on January 29, 2015.

The fallen Death Row mogul initially pleaded not guilty claiming he was ambushed and sped away for his safety – accidentally running over Terry.

But, he later switched his plea to no contest to voluntary manslaughter September 20 in a surprise deal that would keep him from facing a life sentence.

Via NY Daily News:

Carter’s daughters confronted Knight in court Thursday with emotional victim impact statements.

“He murdered my dad in cold blood and is a menace to society,” Crystal Carter said, standing at a podium as Knight showed no emotion.

“You only get one dad. My dad is gone. My children’s grandfather is gone,” daughter Nekaya Carter said.

Terry’s sister Jessica Carter read a statement from Terry’s wife Lillian Carter as the widow sat in the courtroom gallery, softly crying and covering her face with her right hand.

“It’s been three years, and it’s not any easier. By God’s grace I am surviving. Not living, just surviving. This is a nightmare,” the statement said. “The loneliness is so very hard…because of the defendant, I have an endless flood of tears, no matter how hard I try to keep them back, they continue.”

Suge Knight is 53-years-old with a 28-year sentence. Based on his laundry list of health conditions and complaints – he’s basically serving a life sentence.

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