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Styles P & Wife Adjua Open Up About Their Daughter’s Suicide (Video)

Styles P & Wife Adjua Open Up About Their Daughter's Suicide (Video)


Styles P & His Wife Discuss Their Daughter’s Suicide

Styles P and his lovely wife, Adjua Styles, stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Wednesday and opened up about their daughter’s suicide.

The couple’s daughter, Tai, took her own life in 2015. She was only 20-years-young.

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Adjua said:

As much as you think that they are telling you everything and you feel like you know everything – you don’t know everything.

We were extremely close. I had her on the brink of 19 and when she committed suicide she was on her own. She wasn’t with me.

That day, maybe that week she was perhaps depressed. I think that her suicide was a culmination of a lot of things: her missing home, her trying to be an adult, she was also bisexual – there was just some confusion issues with her with that.

She was also struggling with her biological father’s absence. Which was a major thing in her life.

I just think the she was feeling very alone. She was going through a lot and she was going through a breakup with her girlfriend at the time.

Styles P chimed in to add, “If we knew she was depressed – she would have been home or with us. Some things you can’t see because people won’t tell you or you ever get to know.”

The Lox rapper broke down as he talked about his frustrations with Tai’s father not being present in her life when she desired to have a relationship with him.

Watch below.


I appreciate Styles P and his wife Adjua opening up and about their daughter’s death.

Maybe their transparency will help others.

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