LAWD…Reggie Bush and Karen Civil are still going back and forth about his GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Nipsey Hussle‘s kids.

A day after Karen let the world know Nipsey’s family did not consent to the GoFundMe campaign, Reggie took to social media to respond!

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The former NFL star appeared to be totally confused by the turn of events.

He took to Instagram writing:

Wait wait wait wait one minute! I just heard about this story I’m sorry but I must defend myself here! This is beyooond me! I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GAIN FROM THIS!!!! (While clapping hands) LET ME REPEAT I HAVE NOT ONE THING TO GAIN FROM THIS!

Not sure where this came from or who you spoke to but you must be sadly mistaken if you think we just lost our minds and made up some fake gofundme page! I mean me and my wife spent an hour in that room stressing about how to even do the video!? I was wondering why BD called me like that today? ? My time is already busy as it is I would never even put forth the effort to take on a project like this unless I got someone’s blessing!! Come on now! That just sound crazy!

Please CHECK THE FACTS! And YES I didn’t know him that had zero to do with the cause??It was about doing something positive and giving back and paying homage to a man that stood for so much and was a leader in the community and overcame the obstacles of the hood and made it big while never losing sight of where he came from!

That is hard to do and a lot of young black kids never make it out of that! I never in million years thought we would receive the backlash that we got from that post? We got so many hate DM’s and comments from people who couldn’t see that this was bigger than money!? This was NEVER ABOUT ME!

Anyways, it was never meant to bring negativity to his name that is not who we are as people! And for that reason this the very last time I will ever speak on it out of respect for everyone! God bless you! ??

Karen Civil promptly responded writing:

You literally had this campaign go up, while he was finally being laid to rest.

When you and your team previously asked, they told you NO, and you moved forward anyway.

If you are so compelled for what Nip stood for in his community, Raise that hundred thousand dollars for women who lost their significant other/husband to gun violence and financially cannot provide for their families.

And it just continued from there.

See the original posts below.

Hopefully, this will be the end of this.

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