Funkmaster Flex- Tupac - Biggie - T.I.

Funkmaster Flex Cries While Discussing Tupac and Biggie

Trolls gone troll…

After getting dragged through the streets of social media and getting G-checked by T.I., Funkmaster Flex went live on Instagram AGAIN to continue his rant about Tupac.

At one point, during the 40-minute live stream, the Hot 97 DJ became overwhelmed with emotion as he blamed Tupac for getting Biggie killed.

I’m gonna tell you what I hate…

People always ask me why I said it 20 years later…

I said it when the f**kin sh*t was going on and Biggie wouldn’t have f**kin died if that n***a hadn’t lied!

He lied! Y’all n***as worship him! LIED!

Flex also responded to T.I. and his G-code.

If you have some free time to waste, watch the clip below.

(WARNING: Lots of strong language, tears, and saliva)


This guy….

Your thoughts?

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