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Brandy Continues Her Campaign To Be Whitney Houston’s Favorite

I’m going to need everyone sitting up in their rooms to pray for Brandy.

Her constant desire to be more important to Whitney Houston than Monica Brown is exhausting and downright sad.

After proclaiming she was the recipient of Whitney’s “torch,” fans began to point out the petty in Brandy’s birthday tribute to the late legendary diva.

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She slid into the comments on The Jasmine Brand’s IG to make it very clear that her multiple birthday posts weren’t an attempt to be petty towards Monica because she doesn’t follow “Oh girl.”

Then, Brandy proceeded to note she was closer to Whitney. For the record.

Brandy - Whitney Houston - Monica Brown

Homegirl can’t even act right on her idol’s birthday. SMH

No petty formed against Monica Brown shall prosper.


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