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The Jordans: Stevie J Tattoos Faith Evans’ Initials On His FACE!

Stevie J Tattoos Faith Evans' Initials On His FACE

Stevie J and Faith Evans are livin their best liiiiives…they ain’t going back and forth with you b—–! (Lil Duval voice)

The newlyweds appear to be living in bliss after unexpectedly tying the knot last week.

Although some people still believe it’s a publicity stunt to promote their forthcoming duet, “A Minute,” this marriage may be legit!


Stevie J took to Twitter on Tuesday to show off his new tattoo of Faith’s initial down the side of his face.

The caption read, “All I desire to hear in my world.


It’s unclear if Faye returned the favor, but her IG filter game is SKRONG!

Alrighty then!

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