Joseline Hernandez - Young Dro

Joseline recently stopped by Hot 107.9 to promote her new single with Young Dro (and shut down the dating rumors).

During the interview, she responded to Stevie J’s claims that they were never married.

Joseline told the J. Nicks:

We are separated and we are married and that’s what guys do when they get upset, they lie, they go on tour and instead of announcing their new music that you haven’t had on the air in 20 years + plus, you go on tour disclaiming your beautiful wife thats been nothing but great to you. I’ve been a great wife to him, I’ve been cheated on, I’ve been lied to and I stood by him…and when I packed up and I left the home,the best thing that he thought he could do was  go on tour and disclaim your wife. You look like a sucka! Real men don’t do that…

Watch the clip below.



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