Stevie J jail child support case


Stevie J has done a fantastic job of turning his life around and being a better father to his children, however, he still has to deal with a few things from his past.

The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star and producer will have to serve jail time for his $1 million child support case.

How much time Stevie will have to serve is unclear, but he will begin his time next week.


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In a post on his Instagram page, Stevie wrote:

Not playing no games. No fakes no phonies real n***as only. Shout out to my reals ones locked up. #freefaceoff #freecoreyjacobs #freeloon #freedevaloso #Freelenlo bout to do this time starting next week, sum thing light for this child support case. My kids love me & I love them & that’s all that matters. Period. Fake industry n***as stand clear Danger Zone only! Trust no one. #freescrapdeleon #freeworld

The irony in all of this is he may have another child on the way by his ex, Joseline Hernandez.

Your thoughts?

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