Stevie J indicted in child support case


Stevie J better spark up a GoFundMe page and get Jesus on the mainline because his life is spiraling out of control fast.

The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star is already doing a 30-day stint in rehab after he repeatedly violated his probation by testing positive for weed and cocaine. (He in love with da coco!)

Stevie J Ordered To Rehab After Testing Positive For Weed & Cocaine 10 Times!

Now, a grand jury has indicted Stevie J for failing to resolve his $1,107,412 debt of unpaid child support to Carol Bennett, the mother of two of his five children.

In June, the police scooped Stevie up at his Atlanta residence, put those double cuffs on him, and escorted him to the nearest jail in connection with the case.

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Stevie J Arrested For Failing To Pay $1 Million In Child Support

Obviously, freedom isn’t enough to motivate Joseline Hernandez‘s husband to handle his business.

Stevie J is scheduled to be arraigned on February 10 in New York City.

The producer-turned-reality TV star is facing two years in prison.