Stevie J

Stevie J slipped through the eye of a needle again in his child support case.

The producer and “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star avoided jail time, but was ordered to pay $1.3 million to his ex-girlfriend and mother of two of his children, Carol Bennett.

Stevie, who is now a father of six after welcoming Bonnie Bella, was also placed on three years probation, however his time could be reduced depending on how quickly he settles this massive debt.

In court, he told the judge he is now a changed man and his children are his first priority:

I accept full responsibility for not fully financially supporting my children when I was younger, but I’ve stepped up to the plate now and I fully support my children not only financially, but they are the closest individual to me.


Hopefully, Stevie J will take care of this debt to put it behind him once and for all.

He’s no good to his children sitting in jail.