Bryan Cooke - Kier Junior Spates-1
Bryan Cooke (Left), Kier “Junior” Spates (Right)

The “Steve Harvey Morning Show” is mourning the death of one of their employees who passed away over the weekend.

Bryan Cooke, who was the assistant of Kier “Junior” Spates, was found unresponsive in an Atlanta hotel room on Sunday.

Junior contacted the hotel and asked the staff to check on Bryan when he failed to respond to his calls. He grew worried as the two of them were scheduled for an afternoon flight to Los Angeles.

Hotel staff entered the room and found Bryan Cooke facedown on the bed and “cold to the touch.”

The staff member “then turned the guest over and noticed that vomit and blood were coming out of his nose and mouth,” according to the report.

Police arrived on the scene and pronounced him dead. He was just 39-years-old.


The report also noted prescription pills were found near the bed, but they are not sure if the pills contributed to Bryan’s death.

Junior took to Instagram to mourn the death of his dear friend.

Today was the hardest day I have ever gone through! God is still in control.

I lost my best friend today. He was actually my brother. We were friends since I was 16. I have no words. I am going to pull through for you Bryan Cooke. I won’t let you down. I love you and miss you. God must have needed a Titan in heaven today.

Please keep his family in prayer and lifted up. I want to say thank you for keeping me in check through all my successes. You was the first to say man you got it. Thank you brother for keeping me focused. The world is hurt today. Your impact was truly felt. You made me a Man today. You said you was gone do it, I just didn’t know it was going to be like this. Thank you for all you taught me. Took me all day to type this.

Just greet me when I walk through those gates!!! Show me around. See you Cooke. Truth be told, you was always better than me and I knew it. You did too. Thank you Lord for sending me the person I needed! The fight over Cooke! You won! #onemanarmy #RIH

My sincerest condolences to Bryan Cooke’s family, friends and colleagues.